Sunday, May 06, 2007

Going SLR

The transition from point and shoot digital camera to SLR was obvious. But the buying process wasn’t that easy as I thought. I am sure my wife will never forget those days I spent in front of the computer every evening reading reviews after reviews to decide on my first major camera purchase. Also the long discussions I had with my friends who owned SLRs... asking the same questions again and again.

Canon's Rebel XT and XTi versions were in the last list along with Olympus Evolt E500. The two lens kit and the better price together with features that helps a novice with SLR photography made sure that Olympus got my bet.

Since the research process took more time than expected, I had to buy the camera as soon as possible to get ready for my first big vacation trip from here to Las Vegas and Canyons. I had placed this camera in the shopping cart of Amazon, few days back only to find it out of stock when I finally decided to buy. My hopes on the prices of these cameras to come down also seemed diminishing when I noticed prices going up in some online stores. So I rushed to Circuit City shop where I had examined this camera before. I had to spend some tensed moments at the store when they insisted that I need to place the order online first to get the better deal. I did that from the connected computer in the store and got my package right there. Within no time, I was into exploring its details and got immediately hooked into this new gadget.
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