Tuesday, March 11, 2008

SharePoint - Creating Web Site

A new web site can be created in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 easily by following below steps:
1. Launch the SharePoint Central Administration site from a browser using http://servername or http://servername:port.
2. Go to Site Actions > Site Settings (top right menu button).
3. Go to Site Administration > Sites and Workspaces.
4. Click on the Create button.
5. Provide a Title, URL Name, and select a Template. (Choose Team Site for a team web site)
6. Choose the Permissions and Navigation Styles. (Leave it at the default values.)
7. Click on the Create button to create the site.

Web Parts are the building blocks of a SharePoint site. You can add a web part to an existing page in the site by editing the page. Whatever web parts installed and configured on the server will be available to use in any pages.
1. Go to Site Actions > Edit Page (top right menu button). This displays the current page in edit mode.
2. To delete an existing web part, click on the Edit > Delete menu of that web part.
3. To add a new web part, click on the Add a Web Part button on the desired section of the page. All the available web parts will be populated in a popup window. Choose the required one and click the Add button.
4. Click on the Exit Edit Mode link on the top right corner to exit the edit mode of this page.

You can add more pages to the site following below steps:
1. Go to Site Actions > Create (top right menu button).
2. Click on Web Pages > Basic Page link.
3. Provide a Name, and it will be saved under the default Document Library called Shared Documents.
4. Click on the Create button. This will create a blank page where you can add contents.
More such items can be added to a site to make it more interactive. For example, the Wiki Page Library creates a set of wiki pages where the end user can edit the contents of the pages.


  1. Hey Now,
    When you create a web page are you able to edit the tile of the page?

  2. Yes, there is an option to change the title in the Site Settings section

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  4. How can I add an existing website like Google to Sharepoint?

  5. I have an Excel spreadsheet with Names on it that have imbedded hyperlinks. When I import this into Sharepoint, all I see are the hyperlinks. Is there a way to import the spreadsheet and put it into a list that would show the names and when the user clicks on the names they will be forwarded to the site associated with that name?

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