Thursday, November 02, 2006

Meeting Scott Gu From Dallas

I found this out from internet. The original creator of ASP and ASP.NET guru, Scott Guthrie is coming to Dallas to present the latest technologies from Microsoft. He is a General Manager within Microsoft’s Developer Division. The presentation was hosted by North Dallas Dot Net User Group and was a free event after work time at 6 PM with free dinner.

Didn’t think any further and decided to attend, though the place was bit far from my office. Attempt to get few colleagues along also failed. But my friends came from Commerce.

The session was very lively and interesting. He covered tips and tricks in ASP.NET and LINQ in detail. The presentations are available here

Photos by Giovanni Gallucci of

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


SQL Analyzer is an open-source utility tool for developers working with SQL Server. It is a stand-alone windows application that can be used to connect to a SQL Server and analyze various database objects in the server. Features include fast searching, code generation and reporting.

1. Connects to different versions of SQL Server (7, 2000, 2005)
2. Lists out different database objects like Tables, Views, Stored Procedures and User Defined Functions in different panes enabling a quicker search and with following additional features:
a. Tables
i. Lists column properties (name, type, length, etc.)
ii. Lists data in a grid where it can be sorted by columns
iii. Lists Referring and Referred tables
iv. Lists triggers and other dependent objects
v. Generates SQL scripts for Insert, Update, Delete, Select and Create
vi. Exports data in a table as Insert SQL statements
b. Views
i. Displays the data in a grid where it can be sorted by columns
ii. Displays the content text of the view
c. Stored Procedures
i. Displays the parameters and its properties
ii. Displays the content text of the stored procedure
iii. Generates VB and SQL codes to execute a stored procedure
d. User Defined Functions
i. Displays the parameters and its properties
ii. Displays the content text of the User Defined Functions
3. Provides a basic query window for execution of SQL statements.
4. Provides Search inside db objects. This feature can be used to search for a text (like table name or an author name) that appears inside a stored procedure, view or user defined functions.
5. Generates Excel reports of database objects with details of table properties.
6. Easy backup and restore options

The tool was developed in VB 6.0, targeting SQL Server 2000 and on Windows 2000 Professional. A thorough testing on other versions is not done, though it appears working fine on other versions of SQL Server and Windows. Minor errors are expected.

How to download
The SQL Analyzer tool is freely available on net (Executable and source code) at (On this page, right-click on the download link and choose ‘Save target as…’). Any queries, comments or suggestions about SQL Analyzer should be posted here.

Monday, February 13, 2006

My Windows Malayalam Experience

When Microsoft released Windows XP Language Interface Pack for Malayalam recently, I downloaded thinking that it would just help me localize application in Malayalam Language. I didn't bother to read much about it, before I installed it on my home computer. It asked for re-booting and I was taken back by seeing the Malayalam login screen. There were more surprises after logging in. The 'Start' button was named 'Aarambham' and all the default windows applications were in Malayalam.

I had seen forwarded emails and SMSs where in those imaginative people had visualized how a Windows XP Malayalam version named 'Janalukal XP' will have menus like 'Rakshikkoo...' (Save), 'Ellarem Rakshikkoo...' (Save All), Vettoo (Cut) and Ottikkoo (Paste) and Kuppathotti (Recycle bin). It was really funny and I had laughed a lot discussing these things with friends and creating more such equivalent words in Malayalam.

Now I was really amused to see the original Windows Malayalam items. All the default
applications were in Malayalam and the menu was having commands like 'Samrakshikkuka'
(Save), 'Ithaayi Samrakshikkuka' (Save All), ‘Murikkuka’ (Cut) and 'Ottikkuka’ (Paste). Recycle bin was called 'Punarupayogathotti'! After having fun for a while, I slowly realized how bad I am in my own mother tongue. The words like 'Prathisthapikkuka' (Replace) Chaithanyam (Refresh) confused me a lot, and the only way I could manage to do things in, was by remembering the icons and the usual places of items/commands in the English version. Who could ever imagine menu named ‘Paryaveshanam’ will open up our usual windows explorer and you need to click on 'Gunaviseshathakal' to see the properties of any files!

After an hour of real fun (Pity us… reading words in our own language is now like reading a joke, when we compare them with their English equivalents which we are used to since years), I tried all the shortcuts using 'L' to change the language back to English. Nothing worked! Then my aim was to locate Control Panel for some settings. Nothing worked!! At last I found the Language Pack listed in 'Nilavil Samsthapikkappetta Programukal' (Add/Remove Programs window) and managed to uninstall it to get my familiar interface back!

I don’t think any computer literate Malayali would love to have a Malayalm version of operating system to do his or her day to day works. Post your comments on this.