Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Google Earth

Hope you all are aware of a latest software from Google. It's called Google Earth (

It's an amazing software where you can see the whole earth, as seen from a satellite, and can zoom into any places to see its details.

Sadly, my places in Kerala are not covered with full details. You can figure out rivers and big land marks though.

For cities like Bangalore and Delhi in India, you can see even individual buildings clearly. See the attached image of Banashankari bus stand, which is near by my office. You can even see buses and cars on the road.

Yesterday, there was a news in Bangalore's Times of India, saying that secret government establishments like Air-force and Navy buildings are clearly exposed in Google Earth. After this news, now everybody is busy finding these places in Google Earth. The next step is to locate their houses and colleges and offices or what ever…

American cities are covered with most details, where you can see buildings in different views with full details, and has the ability to search locations by addresses.

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